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A helper PCL (InputStateManager) for MonoGame useful for querying keyboard, mouse, touch and gamepad inputs. Currently it provides convenience-methods in a fluent manner for: - Keyboard (Key) Sub-context for 'Is' and 'Was', helper functions for 'Any-ALT (...SHIFT, CTRL)' and NumLock and... More information
This is an extension to the globalmousekeyhook and InputSimulator library which allows you to tap keyboard and mouse,to detect and record their activity event when an application is inactive and runs in background.The Windows Input Simulator provides a simple .NET(C#) interface to simulate Keyboard... More information
Provides an InputManager that can poll for input from keyboard, gamepads, mouse, and touchpanels. Make sure to wire in functionality from Nuclectic.Input.* packages that match your target platform. Forked from the popular Nuclex Framework.