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Fast lightweight embedded ACID table-style document nosql database. easily deploy on mobile, desktop and web applications. SQL-Like query methods, thread safe with CRUD. Persistence + ORM + Cache + Embeddable, ONE STOP solution. for .NET Mono Xamarin ASP.NET Core Mobile Cross Platform
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  • MongoDB embedded
A wrapper for MongoDB, that allows simple testing of MongoDB-backed code.
A tiny blog engine that allows you to keep your blog posts under source control. Supports Markdown. Posts are sourced from resources files embedded in your assemblies. Includes a stub MVC controller to get you started.
The Raspberry Pi's IO Functionality in an easy-to use API for Mono/.NET Core This library enables developers to use the various Raspberry Pi's hardware modules including the Camera to capture images and video, the GPIO pins, and both, the SPI and I2C buses.