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  • tSQLt Test Adapter
A Visual Studio Test Adapter for tSQLt tests. This will find tSQLt tests in your solution and run the tests against your unit test database.
Common Logging Adapter for Log4Net. Unlike Common.Logging.Log4Net1215 etc., this package is not tied to a particular version of Log4Net, so does not need to be upgraded for each new version of Log4Net.
Visual Studio test adapter for Fuchu. Shows Fuchu tests in Visual Studio's Test Explorer, and also enables them to be run in Visual Studio Online builds.
NSpec.VsAdapter is a test adapter to run NSpec tests from Test Explorer in Visual Studio. It runs tests from projects targeting classic .NET Framework. It is available both as a Visual Studio Extension (for VS 2013, 2015) as well as a NuGet Package (for VS 2017). VS Extension for 2017 is under... More information