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dhtmlxScheduler - JavaScript event calendar
Intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows the end users to quickly manage events and appointments in different views: Day, Week, Month, Year, Agenda, etc. Very lightweight , highly customizable, and fast, dhtmlxScheduler provides a quick way to add an Ajax-based event calendar on a web page.
Syncfusion Scheduler for Xamarin.iOS
Syncfusion Schedule for Xamarin.iOS is used to schedule and manage appointments through an intuitive user interface to efficiently plan and manage events or appointments.  Key features: • Supports four different types of view modes: day, workweek, week, and month views. • Binds business... More information
Quartz.NET on MongoDB
Quartz.NET with configuration for getting started quickly on a MongoDB database as the job store. NB requires manual configuration (see project site). Version 1.3 fixes some bugs thank to contributors and follows dependencies updates.
RxHeat WPF (Reactive Extensions on Fire)
RxHeat.Wpf is a library that complements the Reactive Extensions Library with WPF helper features. The project comprises a collection of tested features. It includes: - Wpf Helpers --- ObservableCollection async loader --- Scheduler Helper