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Provides simplified I2C integration as well as an interface to buid specific I2C components on.
Attention: You must have either X86 or x64 set as your build platform in order to reference these binaries!!! (Any CPU is not supported) A job object allows a group of processes to be managed as a unit. Job objects are namable, securable, sharable objects that control attributes of and assign... More information
Provides an integration point to cornol an Arduino via an i2c connection. Requires a specific sketch to be running onthe Arduino.
Provides developers with libraries for the updated Websites platform under Azure Resource manager to deploy virtual machine, virtual machine extensions and availability set management capabilities. Launch, restart, scale, capture and manage VMs, VM Extensions and more. Note: This client library is... More information
Easy to use library that gives ability to prompt users for app rating / feedback based on configurable properties. This library works with Windows Phone 8, 8.1 and 10 as well as Windows 8.1 and 10.
Provides integration fo rthe Adafruit SI1145 Digital UV Index / IR / Visible Light Sensor breakout board.
This library exposes HostBackdrop, a new API introduced on Windows 10 1703 that makes elements on the app transparent with blur. The code is also based on UWP Community Toolkit. Note: 1.1.0 version brings compatibility to work side-by-side with UWP Community Toolkit. Also removed unnecessary... More information