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  • Hash
a lightweight library for hashing.
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  • hash function
C# library to create a common interface to non-cryptographic hash functions (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_hash_functions#Non-cryptographic_hash_functions) and provide implementations of public hash functions. Includes wrapper for HashAlgorithm-based hash functions.
Features: * The package uses industry strong cryptographic algorithms for encryption, hashing and signing included in the .NET framework. * It is very easy to integrate with a Dependency Injection container like Unity, i.e. the behaviors are abstracted with a handful of... More information
PWDTK.NET (Password Toolkit) is a .NET API which easily allows you to create crypto random salt strings and generate password hashes using a HMAC SHA-512 based version of the PBKDF2 specification. It also contains an implementation of password policies which are enforced using regular... More information
Implementation of Wang Yi's wyhash 64-bit hash algorithm and wyrand PRNG. Implements wyhash v1
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  • Consistent hash
Consistent hash for dotnet core. port from go version https://github.com/stathat/consistent