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Succubus Distributed Application Framework Hosting
Castle ZeroMQ Bindings - More info at https://github.com/castleproject/castlezmq
Create streams using a Pub/Sub model leveraging Observables over several different queuing technologies including ZeroMQ, MSMQ and Kafka. This project can be incorporated with Reactive Extensions to create powerful event processing solutions.
czmq by: phreed
CZMQ has these goals: To wrap the ØMQ core API in semantics that are natural and lead to shorter, more readable applications. To hide the differences between versions of ØMQ, particularly 2.x and 3.x. To provide a space for development of more sophisticated API semantics. To... More information
This is a C# implementation of the Z85 specification found at: https://rfc.zeromq.org/spec:32/Z85/. It supports the formal specification as well as an option to automatically pad the input bytes.