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Syncfusion Radial Menu for Xamarin.iOS
The Syncfusion Radial Menu for Xamarin.iOS displays a hierarchical menu in a circular layout that is optimized for touch enabled devices. Typically, it is used as a context menu, and can expose more menu items in the same space than traditional menus. Key features: • Drag • Rotation • Data... More information
Syncfusion CheckBox, Radio Button and Segmented Control for Xamarin.iOS
The package comprises the following Syncfusion controls for Xamarin.iOS. List of controls: Check box, radio button, and segmented control. Note: This package needs to be installed in all Xamarin.iOS project only. Check Box: Syncfusion Check Box is a selection control that allows users to select... More information
Syncfusion ComboBox for Xamarin.iOS
The Syncfusion Combo Box for Xamarin.iOS is used to select an item by typing a value or selecting a value from the list. Key features: • Editable mode: Editable and non-editable text box to choose an item from the given data source. • Filtering mode: Supports both filtering and non-filtering... More information
Syncfusion Carousel for Xamarin.iOS
The Syncfusion Carousel control for Xamarin.iOS provides an intuitive interface to navigate through a collection of views with scaling and rotation transformations. Linear interface allows navigation through a collection of views without scaling and rotation transformations. Key features: • Offset:... More information
Syncfusion Sunburst Chart for Xamarin.iOS
Syncfusion SunburstChart for Xamarin.iOS visualizes hierarchical data using a concentric circle layout. The innermost circle represents the root level in the hierarchy. Its rich feature set includes functionalities like data binding, legends, animations, data labels, selection, tooltips, and... More information
Syncfusion SfTreeView for Xamarin.iOS
The Syncfusion TreeView for Xamarin.iOS is a data-oriented control that displays data in a hierarchical structure with expanding and collapsing nodes. It is commonly used to illustrate a folder structure, or nested relationships in an application. It provides built-in features like selection, bring... More information