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WcfExtensions is a basic library which serves for configuring custom behaviors for wcf services, and finally this is possible by using a default class which derives from BehaviorExtensionElement, allowing to avoid a local implementation of BehaviorExtensionElement on wcf service project.
PCL-compatible service proxy for consuming WCF/SOAP services. This proxy solves some common problems when dealing with SOAP-based Windows Communication Foundation services. Features: * Auto-closing of client * Automatic client and channel disposing * Handles all types... More information
Utility to generate fault tolerant and highly configurable client proxies for WCF services based on WCF ServiceContracts. Supports making async calls using non async-ready ServiceContracts.
!!PRE RELEASE VERSION!! The package published is not complete yet. meanwhile it only complete discovery announcement via p2p instead of udp. The ad-hoc discovery via Find and Resolve not implemented yet. But the rest is already there - Extend the WCF discovery to... More information