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Store user profiles and roles in MongoDB storage. And allow easy access to use thems from MemberShipProvider, ProfileProvider, RoleProvider in ASP.NET Project on github: https://github.com/FoC-/MongoMembership
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For the default, .NET have the SqlRoleProvide which only works on Sql Server with the predesigned database schema. This is not a flexible way. .net MVC4, a new class "SimpleRoleProvider" which can work on most database and enable user to define their database chema. Unfortunately, this class can't... More information
The Cloud Application Framework & Extensions (CloudFx) is a Swiss Army knife for Windows Azure developers which offers a set of production quality components and building blocks intended to jump-start the implementation of feature-rich, reliable and extensible Windows Azure-based solutions and... More information
A membership management tool using NetBash. This package allows you to quickly and easily manage users and roles using the default membership provider.