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IDeliverable.Seo is module for the Orchard CMS that allows site owners robust and granular control over SEO aspects. The module lets site owners control page titles, meta keywords and descriptions, robots.txt and sitemap.xml. Additionally, it allows 301/302 redirects to be configured for changed... More information
If we have to navigate back to previous path in ASP.NET MVC and meantime we need to preserve the parameters in the previous path, a developer needs to take care of all of the parameters during redirect action and in view for the link to previous action. To get rid of this tedious task, this... More information
A .NET Standard class library that provides predefined rewrite rules for ASP.net core, featuring rules for canonical URL redirection for SEO purposes.
(This is the shared Base package, please either use HBS.KenticoURLRedirection.Admin for the admin site, or HBS.KenticoURLRedirection.Core / HBS.KenticoURLRedirection for the MVC.Net Core / MVC.Net site, respectively) Originally started with Silvertech, this is the HBS Variant that expanded the... More information
Simple functions to use sniply in Asp.Net core. Sniply automatically creates a shorted url with overlay branding that fits your site so your users are still linked to your "universe" when they leave.