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FarNet provides the .NET API for Far Manager and the runtime infrastructure for .NET modules. The package includes the framework and the module manager plugin. --- To install FarNet packages, follow these... More information
PowerShell v2.0+ module for parallel data processing. Split-Pipeline splits the input, processes parts by parallel pipelines, and outputs results. It may work without collecting the whole input, large or infinite. --- To install SplitPipeline, follow the Quick Start... More information
F# interactive, scripting, compiler, and editor services for Far Manager. --- To install FarNet packages, follow these steps: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nightroman/FarNet/master/Install-FarNet.en.txt ---
Prerender.io - ASP.NET WebForm & MVC
ASP.NET MVC and WebForm Middleware for Prerender.io (.NET Framework 4.0+). github: https://github.com/dingyuliang/prerender-dotnet. related blog posts: http://dingyuliang.me/tag/prerender/
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  • last updated 6/19/2014
  • Latest version: 3.0.1
  • talifun http module
A suite of Http Modules and Http Handlers to easily implemented best practices and increase performance of asp.net webforms and asp.net mvc websites.