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A lightweight http server for mocking web services and REST resources
Extension for mocking Entity Framework Core operations such ToListAsync, FirstOrDefaultAsync etc. When writing tests for your application it is often desirable to avoid hitting the database. The extension allows you to achieve this by creating a context – with behavior defined by your tests –... More information
SystemWrapper is a library that wraps .NET classes for system resources like System.IO.FileInfo, System.Reflection.Assembly, and many other classes so you can easily mock them. This particular build of SystemWrapper is strongly-named from revision 94877.
stubby by: mrak
A small server for stubbing external systems during development.
Micro document database with a focus on visibility & simplicity. The same 35kb dll is used for: - Saving data to text file(s) locally - Optionally hosting and connecting to a HTTP Embark server - Optional runtime-only persistence for unit testing/mocks - Doesn't force any ID or [Attribute]... More information
Testing layer for Microsoft's HttpClient library. Use RichardSzalay.MockHttp unless you need a signed assembly.
This package allows simluation / emulation of SharePoint 2013 farm solutions. The test project must be dotnet 4.5 or above and have support for microsoft fakes.
A library of extensions for the Moq framework (currently only .ReturnsInOrder) created from Phil Haack's blog post http://haacked.com/archive/2010/11/24/moq-sequences-revisited.aspx/