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###Converted from Pacman Version: main.1.3.5433616.5446894 Some shared hash utilities used mainly by IndexGen team. If you have a great generic hash computation algorithm (md5, sha, etc) it's better to add it to HashComputation.Library. ###
Customizable open source library for validating generic file formats (size, extension, file signature, checksum etc.) with available extensions which can detect corrupted files of some popular file formats.
dbmgr is an opinionated database migration and management framework that utilizes convention over configuration. It enables deployment pipelines to manage database schema, programability and data changes using direct SQL.
A simple service to send emails. This is a wrapper for the deprecated/obsolete System.Net.Mail.SmptClient. This package is meant to help support legacy systems/environments. For new development please use MailKit or other third party packages.
This package includes types and controls that were removed from System.Windows.Forms in .NET Core 3.x / .NET 5. Specifically this includes Menu and ContextMenu which work fine as long as you don't need the Control.ContextMenu or Form.Menu properties. The code in this package was disassembled using... More information
a .NET based Legacy Actionable Message Card (MessageCard) library to enable easier creation of Message Cards using object oriented coding instead of having to manipulate long JSON strings within your applications. Ideal for help with the development of Actionable Cards within Microsoft Teams.