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Home Assistant 'Hass' is a home automation system running on Unix-systems. This package aims to enable .NET developers to create their own 'app-like' programs that integrate with Home Assistant through it's Websocket and Web API's.
FluentDwelling is a free and open source .NET class library for controlling Insteon-compatible home automation devices using the SmartHome 2413S serial-to-Insteon or 2413U USB-to-Insteon bridges.
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  • last updated 11/16/2020
  • Latest version: 1.0.4
  • TP-Link Smart Home
.NET Standard 2.0 Library for Discovering and Operating TP-Link Smart Devices (HS, LB and KL-series)
A simple .NET Framework + .NET Core (using .NET standard) library for controlling your smart home via the Telldus Live! API and a Telldus TellStick. Turn lights on, off, dim them and so on.
API to control your U by Moen shower hardware. This package provides a .NET Standard 1.4 library to integrate with any C# application that can support such .NET Standard library.
Unofficial nuget package containing HomeSeer 3 assemblies required for HomeSeer 3 plugin development
Control Sky Q box by IP address over wired or wifi network. Supports all remote control commands including power on/off, change channel, play/pause/stop/record, show program guide, box office and UI navigation. Retrieve set-top box information such as device manufacturer, model and software version.... More information