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Bulkmanager helps you search content, media, dictionary items and members in Umbraco on various criteria and allows you to use bulk operations on selected items, or export the result to Csv or Excel file.
Printer.Gembox - small part of Zapos, responsible for converting report from abstract document model. Supports file formats: XLSX (XlsxPrinter) and PDF (PdfPrinter).
Stimulsoft Reports Engine for .NET Core
The native .NET Core report engine is a part of the reporting tool for .NET Core that renders reports from getting data from the source, building bands, calculating aggregate functions, charting, applying styles, conditions, filtering, sorting, and more. Also, the report engine has algorithms for... More information
Syncfusion Export Excel Chart/Graph to Image for UWP
The ExcelChartToImageConverter is a .NET class library for converting Excel chart to image without using Microsoft Office dependencies. This is a commercial product and requires a paid license for possession or use. Syncfusion’s licensed software, including this component, is subject to the terms... More information
Syncfusion DataGrid Export to (Excel/PDF/Word) library for WPF
Syncfusion Grid Exporting Extension for WPF is a .NET library that contains static extension classes for exporting the content of the data grid and tree grid controls to Excel, PDF, CSV, XML, mail, and HTML formats. Learn more:... More information
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Biblioteca base para exportação de dados. Esta é uma biblioteca utilizada em todos os projetos Tolitech, inclusive os gerados pela ferramenta Code Generator. Mais informações em http://www.codegenerator.com.br/
Syncfusion DataGrid Export to (Excel/PDF/Word) library for Windows Forms
Syncfusion data grid exporting extension for Windows Forms is a .NET library that contains static extension classes for exporting data grid to Excel and PDF. Support: Incident: https://www.syncfusion.com/support/directtrac/incidents/newincident?utm_source=nuget&utm_medium=listing Forum:... More information
Member export helps you exporting Umbraco members to an Excel or csv file. One installed it adds a new folder to the Members section. Member export PRO can export thousands of members in seconds, you can export directly to Excel and you can save your export options for later use. If... More information