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A .NET Core application that calculates the percentage of public members and types in your .NET assembly that have XML comments.
Convert Visual Studio generated XML Comment XML files (using dll file) into flavoured MarkDown by template. Allows to mark class, interface, struct, method, field, property using [Documented] attribute. To ignore use [IgnoredDocs]
Discussions is the worlds most easy forum asp.net control - just drag & drop Discussions from Visual Studio toolbox and you have a full fledged forum on your page with database, email notifications and facebook integration working out-of-the-box. Discussions features both the wellknown standard... More information
Utilities Plugin for Umbraco Backoffice. Add the "Utilities" section to the Administrators Group to use. Adds a Comments section to a page via the jb-user-comments angular directive. This can be used in tandem with a Discussion (Disqus) section. Page comments can be administered in the back office.