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# AsciiExtensions ASCII extensions for .NET ## Instalation Add *AsciiExtensions.cs* or *AsciiExtensions.dll* to your Visual Studio project. Add *using System.Text.Ascii;* to your source file. ## Usage ```csharp var a = "München ist eine ā€œübergrößeā€ Stadt".ToAscii(); // a : "Munchen ist eine... More information
Just install and run 'figlet lorem ipsum' to figlettize the given text. Supports around 150 figlet fonts.
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  • .NET Core ASCII Art
A Sample dotnet global tool for building ASCII art
Aspose.GIS for .NET is an on premise API developed in C# 100% managed code. It enables your .NET apps to work with the data stored within various GIS (Geographic Information System) file formats, including; vector formats (SHP, KML, GPX, GML, GDB, TAB, MIF, GEOJSON, TOPOJSON, OSM), raster formats... More information