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  • Analytics
The Google Analytics Platform lets you measure user interactions with your business across various devices and environments.
Application Insights module for service fabric applications. Use this nuget only for Native Service Fabric applications. For applications running in containers, use Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.ServiceFabric package. This package provides automatic decoration of telemetry with the service fabric... More information
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  • angularjs analytics
Web analytics for AngularJS applications Vendor-agnostic & extensible: Avoid dealing with vendor-specific code. If your provider of choice is not among the existing plugins, just write your own. Ready to use: Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, Mixpanel, Chartbeat and Segment.io are supported out of... More information
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  • countly analytics
Countly Analytics SDK provides a full, open source mobile analytics SDK for all types of Countly services, including Community, Cloud and Enterprise Edition. For more information about Countly, visit http://count.ly
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  • analytics Segment
The .NET API for analytics, by Segment. Install and immediately send data to 150+ analytics and business intelligence tools with the flip of a switch.
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  • Google Analytics
A wrapper around the Google Analytics JS code. Useful especially for when you want to include E-commerce tracking. Has both async, and legacy implementations
The C# Tracker Client provides all features of the Piwik Javascript Tracker, such as Ecommerce Tracking, Custom Variable, Event tracking and more.