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  • ShowMeTheXAML XAML
ShowMeTheXAML library for providing a simple way to display a control and its corresponding XAML.
UI for Universal Windows Platform is a toolset for building Universal Windows Platform apps for the Windows Store and the enterprise. The library is designed to offer the same user experience, functionality and behavior on Windows devices of all form factors.
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  • Latest version: 4.15.0
A set of controls for WPF and UWP for rendering digital maps from different providers (like OpenStreetMap and Bing Maps) and various types of map overlays.
A simple library to display animated GIF images in XAML applications. Supported platforms: WPF (4.0 and later) UWP (Windows 10), Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1, Silverlight 5.
Fayde by: Fayde
Fayde is a cross platform, cross browser XAML engine.
QuickConverter provides you with WPF markup that allows you to write inline converters and multi-bindings using a C# like language directly in your xaml.