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MVVM MicroMVVM fetches the exportable ViewModels found within an application and attaches each ViewModel to the corresponding View. Inversion of Control MicroMVVM leverages the Dependency Injection pattern, the framework fetches Transient and Singleton exportable services and injects these... More information
RichTextBlock.Html2Xaml adds a Html property to RichTextBlock controls, that translates Html formatted text on the fly to the subset of XAML that the RichTextBlock control supports, with just two source files that are simple to modify: one C#, one XSLT.
MVVM Sidekick Behaviors
MVVM-Sidekick https://github.com/waynebaby/MVVM-Sidekick/ ============= MVVM密友 https://github.com/waynebaby/MVVM-Sidekick/ =================== A Modern light-weight MVVM framework based on RX and TPL await 轻量级MVVM框架,基于RX与 await等新技术 [微博] [twitter] [Mail]... More information
Okra App Framework (Core only)
The Okra App Framework is an app centric MVVM framework. This package contains only the core assembly.
MvvmQuickCross is a lightweight (no binaries) cross-platform MVVM pattern to quickly build native Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Windows Phone and Windows Store Apps with shared C# code. MvvmQuickCross provides data binding for Android (and for iOS soon). It accelerates development with scaffolders... More information
VivendoByte Toolkit
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  • last updated 1/3/2013
  • Latest version: 1.1.0
  • win8 xaml winrt mvvm
A toolkit useful to build Windows Store apps. It contains helpers to bind commands in MVVM (also during drag'n'drop operation on UI), user-controls, converters, toast and tile helpers, etc. etc. It's built on top of Galasoft MVVM Light.