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Basic ToastNotification for the Uno Platform. Shared code works on UWP, Android, WPF, GTK and WASM. This package contains extension functions needed for WebAssembly projects to handle notifications properly.
bUnit.web.testcomponents enables writing tests using the <Fixture> and <SnapshotTest> components in .razor files. This package only works with xUnit. NOTE: This package represents experimental features of bUnit that has been superseded by better ones. It is provided to avoid breaking existing test... More information
Provides easy to use authentication and token acquisition for Blazor applications with the help of Microsoft Authentication Library. Supports both Blazor Server and Blazor WebAssembly applications.
Opt-in Model-View-Controller framework for Blazor. Keep UI logic away from layout and formatting. Enable decoupled and dynamically composed screens along with broadcasted UI events. From a founder of the ASP.NET MvcContrib library.
Provides a configuration driven method to add WAGI modules as route endpoints to ASP.Net Core applications using WAGI.WARNING: WAGI is experimental. It is not considered production-grade by its developers, neither is it "supported" software..