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Wisej – MaterialDesign Extension
The complete MaterialDesign (https://materialdesignicons.com/) icon pack. All icons are packed as individual svg resources in a single assembly. Use it by adding the Wisej.Ext.MaterialDesign assembly to the references and select the icon using the image editor at design time. The URL is... More information
Wisej – JustGage Extension
The JustGage extension component uses the cool JustGage (http://justgage.com/) widget to render animated, nice and clean gauges. It is based on Raphaël library for vector drawing, so it’s completely resolution independent and self-adjusting. As a Wisej Real Time widget you can set several... More information
Wisej – jQueryKnob Extension
The jQueryKnob extension component uses the amazing jQueryKnob widget (http://anthonyterrien.com/demo/knob/) to create a Wisej Real Time dial control that allows the user to rotate the dial to change its value or to type the value in the middle editor. The component allows you to set the value,... More information
Wisej – Translation Extension
The Translation component adds language translation capabilities to any Wisej application. It uses Yandex, Google, Bing, or a custom defined provider (Google and Bing are not yet implemented – only Yandex is currently supported). The component accepts any text and fires an event on the server when... More information