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Creates NRefactory Compilation Units from .net solutions. Each csharp project, incuding its files, external assemblies and referenced projects are resolved and included on the compilation units
Skater TOTAL converts the decompilable MSIL code of your assemblies into native machine code format while keeping all .NET metadata intact, that provides the same level of protection as native C/C++ code.
Add a NuGet package only for dll reference? By using dotnetCampus.SourceYard, you can pack a NuGet package with source code. By installing the new source code package, all source codes behaviors just like it is in your project.
Simple configuration container in case DI with more sophisticated containers is not used. Supports the JSON config files, command line arguments and environment variables as sources and their hierarchy/overrides. The configuration can be used as key-value pairs or bound to objects (Source only... More information
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  • TCP sockets source
C# source code for SocketMeister, which can be compiled directly into your own projects. This eliminates the need to distribute SocketMeister.dll with your software.