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MQTT Server and Client Based on SAEA.Socket.SAEA.MQTT基于SAEA.Socket实现的MQTT服务器与客户端 https://github.com/yswenli/SAEA
A MQTT Core for .NET Core and Xamarin written as .NET Standard 1.3 Library. Adopted from the M2Mqtt Library created by Paolo Patierno.
The control library IToolS® (Industrial Component Tool Suite) is the answer to the interaction difficulties experienced by devices wishing to communicate via a common protocol. IToolS® is a software library containing its own communication drivers for the most popular devices used in the field of... More information
Sin.Net.Infrastructure provides features for your software to interact with external infrastructure or services. An Http and Mqtt controller is provided for ease of use. The Mqtt implementation is based on MqttNet.
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Library for receiving LoRaWAN messages from The Things Network (TTN)