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ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET - Local Server
ArcGIS Runtime Local Server SDK extends ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET with advanced spatial data management and analysis for your WPF apps. Requires additional download and installation of the ArcGIS Runtime Local Server SDK: http://links.esri.com/arcgis-runtime-local-server-sdk
Yelp API for Xamarin.iOS
Yelp API for Xamarin.iOS by CloudRail provides an easy solution to get a list of POIs nearby and filter by categories or search term. Get a free license key at: https://cloudrail.com
An implemention for v4 of the Bot Build .NET SDK of the Microsoft.Bot.Builder.Location dialog project built for Bot Builder v3. An open-source location picker control for Microsoft Bot Framework powered by Azure or Bing Maps REST services. This control will allow a user to search for a location,... More information
This package contains geo-location representing data structures as well as some APIs for calculating distances between geo-locations
Defines behaviors through (attached) dependency properties. Current version: Drag property, with (optional) location restore across sessions