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  • DTO
Uses Reflection.Emit to dynamically build data transfer objects based on an interface not a type.
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  • POCO Validation DTO
Validations is a simple framework which contains a set of components responsable for validating any kind of objects through a set of rules named "Operations".
Icrud by: bison
An Abstract Repository Implmentation for Entity Framework, with Entity2DTO / DTO2Entity conversion. Sources included.
Extension methods for object-object or dictionary-object or datatable-object mapping, single item mapping use [ item.Apply(()=>new { .. }); ],multiple array items mapping use [ items.Apply(a=>new { .. }); ].
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  • DTO Mapper Mapping
A convention based and old school 'solve it with plain code' approach to mapping a Model object to a Dto object using code generation.
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  • dto generator auto ef
Dto Generator text template for any Visual Studio version
This library simplifies the implementation of the layer by providing an engine that converts presentation requests into business requests. In the user's point of view, he manipulates presentation objects as if they were business data. The mapping between business objects and presentation objects is... More information
Generate data transfer object (DTO) classes from simple T4 templates. Reduce amount of boilerplate code you need to write. Let Visual Studio's T4 templating engine do the work for you.
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  • ajtatum dto
Data Transfer Objects used by projects developed by AJ Tatum.