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Rebex Security 2018 R4
Rebex Security is a security library for C# and VB.NET developers. It provides XTS-AES encryption wrapper stream, making it easy to add strong encryption capabilities to existing applications. Also includes simple file encryption/decryption API, essential PKCS #7 objects and a collection of useful... More information
Krempel's WP7 Library
This package contains several handy controls that Matthijs Krempel has developed during his career as a profesional Windows Phone 7 developer. Includes; * HTMLTextBlock * DelayLoadImage * Multibinding * WebBrowserHelper * RearrangeListbox * PullToRefreshPanel * Turnstile transition * Continuum... More information
This is helper build of the BotDetect CAPTCHA nuget meant to be used ONLY with ASP.NET Core code running on top of legacy 4.5.1+ .NET frameworks. For ASP.NET non-Core code on legacy .NET, or for ASP.NET Core code on .NET Core frameworks you have to use our main CAPTCHA nuget. For the description... More information
Ninja Database Pro
ACID Compliant Object Database for .NET, Mono, Xamarin MonoDroid, MonoTouch, Silverlight and Windows Phone 7. Features include LINQ index queries, lazy loading, paging, transactions, constraints, triggers, caching, BLOB, CLOB, Auto Identity Primary Keys, foreign key relationships, AES encryption,... More information
Asymmetric RSA Encryption for Silverilght and WP7
The Scrypt (Silverlight Cryptography) library adds RSA Encryption, Decryption, Signing and Verification for Silverlight and Windows Phone 7. Key generation is performed asynchrounously so as not to block your UI. This library has been used successfully in Windows Phone 7 apps offered through AppHub.... More information
Windows Phone MVC (Libs Only)
  • 2,317 total downloads
  • last updated 9/29/2011
  • Latest version:
  • windows phone 7 wp7 mvc
An MVC + MVVM implementation for windows phone 7, supporting type safe navigation, MVVM, wp7 lifecycle/tombstoning and much more! This package only contains the libraries, no default controllers, views, viewmodels, or instructions
  • 2,057 total downloads
  • last updated 2/12/2019
  • Latest version: 18.5.0-rc.5+75e2004
  • 7-zip
7-zip managed wrapper for robust archive operations in .NET without COM.
PushLocker Windows Phone Client
  • 1,670 total downloads
  • last updated 6/25/2012
  • Latest version: 0.6.1
  • Windows Phone 7 WP7
Package includes a dll which provides the proxy to quickly and easily connect your application to PushLocker. PushLocker provides a service to manage and send Windows Push Notifications.
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  • last updated 8/2/2017
  • Latest version: 1.0.7
  • 1.0.7
一个测试 一个测试…
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  • last updated 10/5/2018
  • Latest version: 18.5.0
  • 7z 7-zip 7zip sfx lzma
Contains 7zr.exe and the sfx modules 7zSD, 7zS2con, and 7zS2.