pbm 0.6.1

CLI for managing Akka.NET applications and Akka.NET Clusters.

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dotnet tool install --global pbm --version 0.6.1
This package contains a .NET Core Global Tool you can call from the shell/command line.

Release Notes

In version v0.6.1 we made the following minor improvements:
1. Made it so the Petabridge.Cmd `pbm` terminal automatically exits when the host disconnects;
2. Added the `ArgumentsExtractor` to `Petabridge.Cmd.Common` - this will simplify the process of extracting all supplied arguments to any `Petabridge.Cmd.Host.CommandHandlerActor`. There's a new overload added to the `CommandHandlerActor`, `Process(string commandName, Action<Command, ParsedArguments> handler)` and the `ParsedArguments` object will contain a pre-parsed set of all arguments and their possible values. See the official documentation on https://cmd.petabridge.com/ for more details.
v0.6.0 Release Notes**
With the release of [Petabridge.Cmd V0.6.0](https://cmd.petabridge.com/) we are introducing [`Petabridge.Cmd.Remote` - a new command palette for monitoring your Akka.Remote connections](https://cmd.petabridge.com/articles/commands/remote-commands.html) through the use of Akka.Remote.
The new commands will allow you to monitor the connections in your system by providing information such as the active connections to remote hosts and a history of Associated and Disassociated events.


This package has no dependencies.

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
0.6.3 2,003 7/30/2019
0.6.2 1,281 6/19/2019
0.6.1 1,932 5/19/2019
0.6.0 389 5/9/2019
0.5.0 829 3/6/2019
0.4.1 260 12/7/2018
0.4.1-beta351 109 12/7/2018
0.4.0 177 11/27/2018
0.3.3 136 11/27/2018